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Ann Toohey wins 2015 Albert Innovates - Health Solutions Scholarship

The AIHS Training and Early Career Development Programs focus on the development of the individual trainees and provide them the opportunities to gain broad experience within the health research environment to facilitate success in launching careers in academia, industry, government, or elsewhere. Aligned with Alberta’s requirement for Highly Skilled People in the research and innovation environment, the Training and Early Career Development Programs foster the development of future health research and innovation leaders and prepare them to be drivers of change in diverse settings and environments. Congratulations, Ann!

David McQueen

The nature evidence in public health: Perspectives from health promotion

Date: December 15
Times: 13h00 to 14h15 Eastern Time (Montréal)
Presenter: David McQueen
Format: 45-minute presentation and 30-minute facilitated discussion and Q&A

Abstract: This Webinar begins with a brief description of the past ten years of the IUHPE's flagship programme on health promotion effectiveness. It examines the context in which the search for evidence developed.  It takes a critical look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and difficulties of assessing evidence in a complex field. It discusses how the field of evidence gathering has developed in relationship to the changing notions of evidence. The Webinar outlines the differences in the concepts of evidence, effectiveness and evaluation. Some key challenges in assessing evidence are identified.

Key words: Evidence, effectiveness, casualty, evaluation, and health promotion practice.

Biography: Dr. David McQueen (IUHPE Immediate Past President & formerly, Associate Director for Global Health Promotion Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Dr. David McQueen is a global health consultant, having retired in March 2011 after dedicating 19 years of service to the CDC, where his most recent role was Associate Director for Global Health Promotion in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  Dr. McQueen has contributed greatly to the field of public health throughout his career, and has been an outspoken voice for applying evidence-based health promotion strategies and existing infrastructures to address chronic diseases around the globe. Before joining CDC, Dr. McQueen was Professor and Founding Director of the Research Unit in Health and Behavioural Change at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (1983-1992) and Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore (1979-1983). Since 1965 he has held numerous other academic appointments from universities in the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Scotland, and China. He serves on numerous committees and is the Chair of the External Advisory Council for the University of Alberta School of Public Health.

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