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Adjusting To Island Life While Attending Medical School


Many aspiring doctors will make the decision to attend Caribbean medical schools to work toward their degree. While some of these students may attend a Caribbean medical university on their home island, many others are students who live far from the island. Some may reside on another island, but many live on the mainland. In fact, many may not even live in a coastal location on the mainland, and there may be quite an adjustment for these students as they begin  their medical degree program. These tips can help you to adjust more easily to the island life you may not currently be accustomed to.


Choose Your School With Care

As you explore medical school requirements at different colleges, you may also research the customs, culture and lifestyle on various islands. For example, if you are an American, attending Caribbean medical schools in U.S. territories may be more comfortable for you because you do not have contend with adjusting to such a different culture change, and you also do not have to deal with a language barrier. British colonies may also be easier for American students to adjust to.


Make Friends Quickly

After you arrive at the island and prepare to start attending classes at a Caribbean medical university, you should make an effort to make friends as soon as possible. Without friends, many people are less interested in exploring their new surroundings and getting acclimated. When you have friends, and especially when those friends are also new to the area, you may feel more confident exploring the area.


Work in the Area

Another great idea is to get a job in the local area while attending Caribbean medical school. Your college may be a great resource for you to use to find a job. When you work in the area, you may interact with locals more frequently, and you may find yourself getting acclimated to the culture more easily.


Ask Family to Visit You

Some college students who attend school on an island may grow homesick. While this is common any time you attend school far from home, it can be more difficult and costly to return home for visits when you live on an island. You may return home for a visit several times over the next few years, but you also may invite friends and family to visit you annually or more frequently.

Getting adjusted to island life seems like it would be a pleasant enough process. After all, you will be living in a tropical paradise surrounded by friendly island people. However, some college students will still struggle in this area. As you walk through your first few weeks on the island, keep these tips in mind to facilitate the acclimation process.

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