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Follow These Oral Hygiene Tips From Dental Experts

Oral Hygiene Tips

Dentists specialize in treating gums and teeth. People avoid dental visits for various reasons like fear and feeling like they can’t afford the visits. Most people fear dental visits because they are afraid of a dentist. However, it is important to visit a dentist at least once every year just for a checkup if not for treatment. The priority of dentists is to provide customer satisfaction and good oral health.


Oral hygiene tips and facts you can’t overlook
A good oral hygiene routine is important in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Here are the benefits of oral hygiene.
 Reduced risk of bad breath
 Stronger teeth that will not decay or wear down
 Better cosmetic appearance of your smile
 Healthy gums with fewer risks of gingivitis


What does good oral hygiene routine entail?
Brushing at least twice a day- to maintain a healthy mouth, you must brush with the best toothbrush, the best toothpaste, and brush properly using proper brushing technique. Brushing is essential in clearing plaque bacteria that build up on the tooth surface. Plaque build-up causes tooth decay and gingivitis. Note that the bets toothbrush and toothpaste depends on your age and needs. Consult your dentist on the best toothbrush and toothpaste.

Brushing alone is not enough. Therefore, cleaning between your teeth is important since it gets rid of bacteria and debris to avoid buildup. It prevents gum disease and decay. You can achieve this by flossing every day or using other interdental cleaners.

Mouthwash is another tool you can use to clean your mouth and ensure healthy gums and teeth. However, mouthwash becomes effective after you have physically cleaned teeth by brushing or flossing. Thus, mouthwash is considered a finishing touch to your dental care routine.

Healthy diet- a healthy and balanced diet plays a significant role in keeping your gums healthy and reducing risks of tooth decay and dental erosion. Simple sugars like fructose and glucose are the worst. Avoid foods like candy, toffee, sugar, and chocolate since they harm your teeth. However, most people are not aware that some carbohydrates are broken down in the mouth to release sugars. Such carbohydrates include bread, bananas, cookies, breakfast cereals, and biscuits. Try consuming foods that are good for your teeth such as milk, tea (without sugar) and cheeses.


A balanced, healthy diet for your teeth entails the following:
 Lots of water
 Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
 Limit saturated fats
 Fish, nuts, and grains
 Limit snacking between meals
 Limit alcohol consumption
 Whole grain foods like oats and brown rice

If you choose to neglect your teeth by avoiding visits to your dentist regularly or not looking after your teeth properly, then you are at the risk of oral diseases. Don’t wait to regret at your old-age or middle-age for neglecting your teeth. Take care of them when you are younger.  For more information, you can schedule an appointment at DentalZen.