Objectives of the PHIRNET Webinars:

To offer an online academic environment through a structuredprogram of learning through knowledge sharing / exchange / translation in PHIR to:

  1. Strengthen existing training capacity in PHIR through the development and sharing of resources and expertise in the four PHIRNET theme areas: Methods, Economic evaluation, Ethics and research governance, and Interventions addressing social health inequities

  2. Create a cohesive identity among PHIR researchers and trainees, linking the network with high-profile training events and links with international collaborators;

  3. Enable PHIR learning and resources in both official languages –as much as possible, and disseminate these resources;

  4. Propose a proactive and stimulating interaction of knowledge/learning in PHIR with/for the trainees and experts;

  5. Provide an update on the development of competencies in PHIR, including:

    • Systematic and critical enquiry (research design and methods)

    • Situational analysis (designing research to local context and needs)

    • Project management (budgeting, task coordination, etc)

    • Professional practice (integrity, ethics, standards of behaviour)

    • Reflective practice (what makes research an intellectual exercise and not simply a technical one)

    • Interpersonal skills (working in teams, motivations others).