Using developmental evaluation in PHIR: Opportunities and challenges

Date: March 21, 2013
Times: 13h00 to 14h15 Eastern Time (Montréal)
Presenter: Lynda Rey

In 2007, based on its creation of a Health Promotion Department (HPD), a Montreal teaching hospital embarked on becoming a Health Promoting Hospital (HPH) by joining the WHO International HPH Network. Obtaining this designation required attaining WHO HPH standards (2006). To do so, the HPD began by implementing the HPH concept in a perinatal context through several strategies (i.e. creating both a health promoting hospital setting and workplace, providing health promoting services).
My doctoral study aims to 1) assess the implementation level of the HPH concept in compliance with the WHO standards, 2) analyze the HPH implementation process by identifying facilitating and constraining factors, 3) support the decision–making process related to the HPH implementation. Based on Developmental Evaluation, a single-case study research is being developed. Drawing from scientific knowledge, we first conducted a logical analysis to identify the critical conditions for achieving the desired outcomes of the intervention. After that, to assess the level of HPH standards implementation, a questionnaire adapted from the WHO HPH assessment tool was administered to hospital managers and health professionals. Finally, we conducted in-depth interviews of managers, pregnant women and their spouses, nurses and other health professionals in order to identify facilitating factors and constraints of the implementation process.
Unlike traditional evaluation approaches, DE aims to guide complex intervention’s adaption to emergent and dynamic realities by supporting ongoing real-time feedback about what to change, expand or further develop. This evaluative approach could be particularly useful in PHIR that involves the use of scientific methods to produce knowledge about program interventions. The objectives of this webinar are to 1) present DE as a new evaluation approach; 2) highlight the links between DE and PHIR; 3) based on our research project and preliminary findings, propose a discussion about opportunities and challenges in using DE in PHIR.