Webinar Overview

Webinar Video Recording (Coming Soon)

Time: March 31st, 2011 from 15:00 to 16:30 (Eastern Daylight Saving Time)

Invited speaker: Dr. Penelope Hawe

Title: Everything you Always Wanted to Know about PHIR (but were afraid to ask)


Population health intervention research has been accompanied by new investments in training and a flurry of definitional commentaries and documents. But is PHIR the new tyranny? Why does it matter what PHIR is and what it is not? How is the health of the population advanced by such debates?

Preparation questions: To which extent can your own research project be characterized as PHIR?

  1. Is it about a population health intervention?
  2. On which aspect of the intervention is your research about?
  3. What scientific methods are you using in your research?

Preparatory reading:

  • Hawe, P., & Potvin, L. (2009). What is population health intervention research?.  Canadian Journal of Public Health, 100 (1), I8-I14.
  • Institute for Population and Public Health (2011).  Frequently asked Questions about Population Health Intervention Research.

General objectives:

  • Develop a shared definition of what Population health intervention research constitutes
  • Start a dialog process among PHIRNET participants
  • Engage with PHIRNET participants

Competencies to be developed:

  • Professional practice:
  • Practical knowledge about what constitutes PHIR
  • Being able to identify what makes one’s research project a contribution to PHIR